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We are an organization with passionate consultants aimed to provide our clients in the industry of Pharmaceuticals, CRO and technology services in talent acquisition and HR solutions.

Some of our Services include:

  • Permanent Staffing solutions
  • Executive Search
  • Training and development
  • Talent Management

Our Services

The reality is that the organization’s reputation is at stake in case they hire someone with questionable background. Brand equity and value can be adversely impacted if it is known that an organization didn’t do enough due diligence before recruiting a certain individual who had questionable background. Thus, lack of background screening or even less number of checks conducted on current or potential employees is something that would come back to haunt any organization — through reduced business, inability to retain better employees and adverse impact on its public perception. We help in getting the verification done.
An exit interview is typically a meeting between at least one representative from a company’s human resources (HR) department and a departing employee. (The departing employee usually has voluntarily resigned vs. getting laid off or fired. We will design and execute various modules for exit interviews based on your requirement and help you to merge as the best employer.
We look at training need identification as the most important part of the Client Engagement Process. Our advisors and research team through its expert panel of consultants, develops an effective and efficient TNA (Training Need Analysis) process. We invest considerable time and effort in understanding and identification of learners’ needs and defining alignment between training needs and business objectives. Varying with your organizational needs, budget and time factor, we adopt different tools like questionnaires, focus group techniques, observation tools, data analysis or a combination of these.
Traditional HR systems approach people development from the perspective of developing competencies in the organization. This can actually be a risk-prone approach, especially for companies operating in fast evolving industries, since competencies become redundant with time and new competencies need to be developed. Thus, over time, the entire approach to development of people might be rendered absolute calling for rethinking the entire development initiative. Talent management on the other hand focuses on enhancing the potential of people by developing capacities. Capacities are the basic DNA of an organization and also of individual potential. We as the partners help in designing and implementing the process as per the need of our client.